Lemon Cherry

independent workplace drug & alcohol screening


Lemon Cherry provide and maintain an independent cost effective approach to on and off site workplace screening for UK and International clients.

Lemon Cherry, along with their maritime, aviation, road haulage and passenger transport clients pride themselves on including SME’s and those businesses where staff numbers are such that a more statutory obligation is not required. Businesses who themselves have identified the value of screening and the protocol that allows a transparency for all staff to be conscious of the need for safety and awareness to the work environment in respect of drugs and alcohol.

Lemon Cherry can and do provide an ‘on demand’ facility in many cases and to new clients who have suddenly found themselves with an occurrence where drugs or alcohol are thought to be a relevant factor.

Lemon Cherry utilise the latest technology and approved substantive equipment and our laboratory partner scheme ensures a flexible service and only engaged when required.

Lemon Cherry know that their personal and confidential approach with clients equally applies to the donor and a uniform level of compliance, accountability and respect is afforded to each party.

Lemon Cherry does not seek to bind clients into contracts in the knowledge that the work and service provided by Lemon Cherry will in itself maintain a close working and continuous relationship.

Lemon Cherry operate from many locations within the UK and worldwide but acknowledge that we cannot be everywhere for everyone. However as demand increases so do our available destinations.

Our trained and audited technicians ensure a uniformed level of service wherever our clients bases are geographically and globally spread.

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